Business Citations

The key to being found online is having correct, consistent information online. This is where local business citations come into play.

What are Business Citations?

Business citations are mentions of your business in other sites and especially local business directories such as Yelp and BBB among others.

There are also niche business directories like Houzz for example, for real estate businesses. Building your citations is important, first of all, to help internet users find local businesses.

Why You Need to Care About Citation Building

Business citations are crucial for local SEO because it builds trust in your business. It also drives traffic to your site when you are on local directories and helps in your strong online presence as well. Overall, it helps you rank in the local pack of Google.

Building your citation though needs correct listing and, aside from submitting to local directories, needs monitoring. This can be time-consuming and needs the right tools to monitor your citations.

Aside from that, we will also track and monitor your reviews. This is part of reputation management in your locality.
This is where we come in and do the submission and monitoring for you. That way, you can build and maintain your citations the right way. Contact us today to make your citations done by professionals!


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