Onpage Offpage Optimization

With our onpage and offpage optimization, our clients have achieved amazing results consistently.


Want to start ranking like what we have achieved for our clients?  You need our bespoke onsite and on-page SEO plus a monthly website health check. Here are the tasks to be performed.

Competitors Analysis

We begin our SEO by conducting a competitors’ analysis because it is but logical that in order to rank, we need to know the competitors to outrank, so that includes their SEO profile: their content audit, keyword research, content gap and initial content recommendations, even the website content structure. This will also be useful for page by page optimization later on.

Website Audit

After the competitors’ analysis, we will conduct a website and backlink audit to know if there are issues that can affect ranking.

We will correct the site issues within our scope. The reason we say this is there might be issues that are due to your current server, or your developer’s error.

Please take note that for bigger websites, we shall do our best to accomplish as much correction as possible and prioritize the pages to correct.  We shall charge higher for more than 20 pages with issues.

Onsite (Technical) SEO

Technical onsite SEO involves setting up/checking your sitemap, creating the right sitemap and robots file for proper search engine crawling, Google Search Console, Google Analytics set up, and site structure.

On-page SEO

We shall also check the optimization of pages or on-page SEO, which includes:

  • Meta Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Permalinks
  • Interlinking
  • Actual content structure

Monthly SEO Services

Our monthly SEO services include

1. Reports on Google Analytics – report on vital metrics traffic source, page performance
2. Reports on Keyword Ranking, Performance including competitors’ reports
3. Website Audit – to know any issues with the site, and fix those that are within our scope of work, and list down those for the developer or the host to fix, such as page speed, among others.
4. Content Planning/Strategy for the month.

Please note that the cost of the content depends on the length, we do not have a fixed length recommendation as it depends on your competition and keyword competitiveness too.


Local Citation – Listing in Business Directories

Get your business listed in business directories such as Yelp and local listings to build a stronger online presence.

Press Releases

Get published in high DA sites to build trust and credibility with the “As Seen on” badge on your website. This includes some restricted topics that are otherwise not accepted in main news sites.

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SEO Plans Available: How do you know which one?

We recommend which plan is best after we determine how strong and how active your competitors are, plus of course, the competitiveness of the niche. So to determine that, and before you start a subscription, the first step is to do the competitors’ analysis, because to outrank them, we need to study the competitors’ SEO profile meticulously (how often they post, the stronger pages, their ranking positions, the content gap, etc).

Kindly book a discovery and discussion call here to let you also see the process that have made our multitude of clients rank on Google and other search engines.

The competitors’ analysis, keyword research, and content gap, will be an SEO Strategy master guide for the next several months especially if you decide to avail of a retainer service. This takes about one week and will be good for 3-6 months, after which, it needs to be done again because competitors would have published more content by then.

It is recommended that the competitors’ analysis be done every 3-6 months, depending on how dynamic a niche is, niches like travel and marketing, for example, are very volatile and need to be studied every 3 months. However, if availing of a subscription, the reqular competitors’ analysis is included already.

Finally, an important note: it is recommended that you follow our recommended plan or subscription, because our recommendation is versus your competition. What good is planning a once-a-week post when your competitors are publishing daily? Then the once weekly post will not even “move the needle” for your business if you are not as aggressive as your competitors.

Also, this is very important, as of March 17, 2023, Google has decided to crawl websites less due to its impact on the environment. So unless you give Google a reason to crawl your website by way of new content (yes, Google will know if you have published something new),  Google will most likely not visit your website and will favor the more updated competitors.

Competitors Analysis, KW Research, Initial Plan


Local Business SEO with 1 Blog Post/Month


Local Business SEO Services with 2 Blog Posts/Month


SEO Retainer Services with 4 Blog Posts/Month


 SEO Retainer Services Plus 8 Blog Posts/Mo


SEO Retainer Services with 12 Blog Posts/Month


SEO Retainer Services with 20 Blog Posts/Month


SEO Retainer Services with 30 Blog Posts/Month